Thank You and One Love

Thank you for the outpouring of emails and calls we’ve received regarding the Shaikh family and our family’s tragic loss on Sunday. Jacqueline Shaikh, a KIPP Sharpstown 6th grader, was killed, and her older sister, Vivian, who is a 9th grader at KIPP Houston High School, was critically wounded by gun shots. Their mother was also critically wounded.  The shooter was their father who shot and killed himself as well. Our thoughts and prayers are going out to both KIPPsters and their family, and we are hoping to get news on Vivian and her mother that they are recovering. The update as of Tuesday is that both Vivian and her mother remain in critical condition and are fighters. Please join us in hoping and praying for news that their condition improves.

Many questions have come to us about ways to help. A fund has been established at Amegy Bank to help the family. Donations can be made at any Amegy Bank Branch or by contacting KIPP Houston’s Deedrah Harp at The info is:

Gorena – Shaikh Family Fund

Dr. Deedrah Harp, Trustee

Amegy Bank Account # 0051947648

It is times like these that one wonders what is the point of it all, and it is also times like these that one realizes the importance of our KIPP Team and Family and why we do what we do. We have nearly 8,000 KIPPsters in Houston and 32,000 KIPPsters in the nation to whom we made promises to get them up the mountain to and through college, all in the name of having a great and happy future. 98.6% of them will make this climb, and we will climb both for them and for the 1.4% who could not finish with us.

Thank you again to many of our teammates for reaching out, One Love, and Plow on,


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