Be The Change & Teach at KIPP Houston Public Schools

My 3rd and 4th grade teacher, Ms. Schweickert, was one of my favorite teachers. She taught me how to take risks, be ok with learning difficult new concepts, and how school could be fun and not just demanding.

And as an adult, I continue to learn from many teachers and mentors. During my early days as a rookie teacher in Houston 21 years ago, I was blessed to meet Harriett Ball. Harriett had the gift of reaching both the hearts and minds of everyone in her classroom, instilling in all her students to believe in possibilities.

KIPP Houston Public Schools is looking for great teachers, like Harriett, who will be long-remembered by our students; teachers who believe individually that one person can make a difference in a child’s life and, collectively, great things can happen.

As an educator, I know first-hand that a great teacher matters more than class size, more than the curriculum, more than money, and more than circumstance. A great and caring teacher changed my life, and I saw great teachers change lives of the KIPPsters 20 years ago.

Since then, KIPP teachers have touched the lives of thousands of students across the U.S. In Houston, we’ve grown to 21 schools, embarking on a major expansion to create a powerful prekindergarten-through-college continuum of support and services for our children. We’re building new schools, adding more grade levels to existing schools, and have more students hungry to learn and become a part of our team and family. And we’re having fun along the way! Our newest school, KIPP Courage College Prep, opened its doors in 2012. KIPP Northeast High School is set to open in fall 2013, and we are positioned to open a new elementary and middle school in 2014 to put a dent in our 8,000-student waitlist.

We’re continually looking for talented, committed, and passionate teachers and leaders who are ready to teach, lead, and inspire students. We are looking for educators who believe that all children, no matter their background, can and will complete college, contribute to the global workforce, help make the world a better place, and become self-sufficient and happy. As Mahatma Gandhi observed, as a teacher at KIPP, you can “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

I know it takes only one Harriett to make a difference in a child’s life! If you’re that great teacher or want to become that great teacher, I encourage you to join KIPP Houston Public Schools’ Team and Family by applying for a position with us. Visit

Teach, lead, and inspire at KIPP Houston Public Schools. :)

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