Why I Advocate

Please join us.

As we kick off the 2015-16 school year across Houston, I am reminded of an often unspoken, yet very sacred, promise made by schools and educators. Parents send their children through school doors and into classrooms each morning with high expectations. Parents believe that they have brought their children, their most prized gifts in this world, to the school to learn, grow, and have bright futures. Schools receive these students through the same school doors and into classrooms bearing the responsibility of opening the doors of Opportunity and Life. It is our moral imperative to develop in our students the academic skills, intellectual habits, and qualities of character necessary to succeed in school and the competitive world beyond.

All too often the system fails underserved children and their families. Yet sitting idly by and blaming the system will never accomplish anything. We believe that promises to children are sacred. We often remind legislators and leaders that we have been entrusted with parents’ greatest gifts, and because of that, we must protect them by advocating for greatness in every classroom. Teachers, leaders, families, and alumni must all do their part to step in and advocate for change so that our sacred promise to today’s children can be fulfilled, and that one day ALL children will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.  Any one of us has a quiet voice when it comes to advocacy.  Collectively, our voices are loud.

We have been making and keeping these promises for over 20 years to help ensure that teachers, parents, and students are set up for success. Please join the cause of so many education champions and advocate for today’s children.

You can start today by liking the KIPP Houston Advocacy Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up to date with information and opportunities to make your voice heard. Please join us.

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